Industry Sector

Installation of public lighting:

Public lighting

Public lighting is on the top of the sectors in which ENTRELEC can act most effectively on the energy bill of the communities.
ENTRELEC includes the whole lighting projects, the street signs and the illumination of public external sites; this external lighting includes not only networks but also materials.
ENTRELEC ensures the installation of public lighting by heightening the safety of persons and property and all other objects of regulations.

Installation of industrial electricity:

Industrial electricity

With an acquired expertise exceeding 16 years, ENTRELEC provides you with an overall solution for your electrical installation. Thus, offering you high voltage cabin, high and low voltage boards, connection and automation of machines, data-processing network wiring and even offices lighting. The design office of ENTRELEC considers the analysis and assessment of your needs using calculations and electrical diagrams. It also accompanies its highly qualified technicians during the installation on your site.

Photovoltaic system installation:


ENTRELEC also operates in the renewable energy sector.
ENTRELEC ensures the study and the installation of the photovoltaic panels.
In addition to the advantages related to the absence of maintenance of the photovoltaic systems, this energy meets up perfectly with the needs for the isolated locations which connection with the electrical communication is highly expensive. The Photovoltaic solar energy is also called photovoltaic energy.

Electrification MT/BT:

Electrification MT/BT

Electricity is considered one of the keys to progress. Its worldwide consumption should increase 80% by 2030. At the heart of a fast growing system, ENTRELEC accompanies the whole process from the implementation of electrical transformers MT/BT until their deliverance to the subscriber.
In the medium voltage range, it holds a strategic place in the MT distribution networks.
ENTRELEC puts forward an entire set of solutions so to strengthen the quality of supply of this essential energy. ENTRELEC designs and manufactures dry or immersed oil transformers, prefabricated stations, network hardware, cells, as well as electronic products of network control.