Values and Ethicss

Our Values:

Our company bears our values: rigor, transparency and the fulfillment of the commitments, made possible by the considerable assets in human talent and knowledge.

Our goal is to provide the whole of the stakeholders which are part of the construction sites with a high quality service. It is through the implementation of a rigorous organization that is entirely focused on the service as well as having tools and in house resources that we can reach this objective. Our design offices assist you in the costing and executions processes and thus bring the necessary rigor for the fulfilment of commitments.

Being with all the stages of case management, we owe ourselves to work in all transparency near our customers. This division of information supports a constructive exchange and the mutual success of our operations. This step allows the construction of sincere and durable relations, for the solid development of partnership.

Our organization, our procedures, our resources and the strong will of our teams contribute to the respect of the given commitments. This organization and the human size of our company thus enables you to remain in connection with your interlocutor who is the guarantor of this commitment .To reconcile the development of our company and the respect of planet, while ensuring the main services for the Man.(The customers)

Our managerial and human project is turned towards the evolution of our collaborators and their development in real life situation and an autonomy that enhances the development of the human investment and the company. Our social and civic responsibilities pave us the way for the integration of the employees in our teams from the employability that can become long-term employment.

Ethical behaviour

A durable company is an ethical one. Ethics are the main thread of the activities of ENTRELEC. That starts with the implementation of its values chosen by all the Group ‘employees. They bring them all together throughout the world around a common and shared set of values.

The ethics of ENTRELEC could be identified in four core principles which guide the behaviors of each employee:

  • Act in compliance with the laws and regulations.
  • Establish a culture of integrity.
  • Behave fairly and honestly.
  • Respect others.