About us?

Creator of solution and services, Entrelec conceives, installs and maintains systems or subsystems in industry, the infrastructures and also in the tertiary sector. Since its inception in 1997, the company has engaged in the construction industry and mainly in the field of ELECTRICITY.
Equipped with a design office, a well equipped fleet, technical and administrative personnel whose growth in terms of staff mirrors the growth of the company.

ENTRELEC has always fulfilled its commitments and enjoys the full trust it earned with its customers. It serves and assists them in all their project stages.
Whether it is public or private architecture, the techniques of illumination are not intended only for some glamorous buildings. A fountain in a village just like the head office of a company or a garden can reveal astonishing facets with a good technical expertise to help you achieve the best lighting design. ENTRELEC suggests appropriate solutions to showcase the heritage and to serve the commercial or industrial projects.